About Us

Based in Chorley, Lancashire, VIT-BOMB® was founded by Gareth Winnard from Winnards & Co.


Food development is in his blood with him being the 5th generation in his family to own and run a food business, dating all the way back to 1898 when his family created the world famous Uncle Joe's Mint Balls in Wigan, Lancashire (now Greater Manchester). 


Prior to VIT-BOMB® Gareth had been manufacturing sugar confectionery within his 125 year strong, family business where he worked his way up to Director & General Manager of the business. Bringing the manufacturing plant up to modern day standards whilst keeping their traditional cooking techniques to ensure the great taste of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls can continue for many more generations to come.


He also developed a whole range of new products for the ever changing market place such as sugar free ranges of mints, new lozenge ranges to support the health care sector and worked on all products old and new, supplying the major multiple retailers for over 10 years of his career.


With the rise in 'Nutritionally Complete' Food & Drink (food and drink that has been enhanced with additional nutrients) plus the fact that fasting is becoming increasingly popular due to its major health benefits; VIT-BOMB® Food has now developed into a 100% 'Complete' Multivitamin & Mineral Tablet.

It's produced as a compressed tablet format with minimal taste so that it can easily be blended into a food or drink shake without compromising flavour or simply swallowed with water if fasting or in a rush. 


We are proud to say that we now also offer a range of VIT-BOMB® Gummies to target particular health benefits, including specifically developed VIT-BOMB® Vitamin Gummies for both adults and kids. 


We know you love our personalised VIT-BOMB® products and as ever continue to refresh this range and offer you new products such as our new Personalised VIT-BOMB® Outdoor Robe which is perfect following many outdoor activities in the UK and a product that has seen a massive rise in popularity in recent times.