NEW VIT-BOMB® 'Complete' Tablets

NEW VIT-BOMB® 'Complete' Tablets

Due to such a rise in all kinds of 'Complete' Food Meals and 'Complete' Greens Drinks, we wanted to offer a 100% 'Complete' Multivitamin & Mineral Tablet that helps you 'Complete' your day, any way. 

Adults take two tablets daily with water.

Ideal for days when fasting or blended into a shake to help create a 'Complete' Food or Drink of your choice. 

Compressed tablet format with minimal taste so can easily be blended into a food or drink shake without compromising flavour. 

Idea 1: Put 2 tablets, 2 weetabix, 1 banana and milk of choice into a blender to create an on-the-go 'Complete' Breakfast Meal. 

Idea 2: Blend 2 tablets with spinach leaves, kale leaves, lemon juice and coconut water to create a 'Complete' Greens Drink. 

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